College here I come!

I was going to go back to college while I was pregnant with Kason but I didn’t. My reason is the followinf I just wasn’t up for it. I was so tired and sick all the time I didnt want to be around total strangers.

Oh by the way I am going to college to become an MA (medical assistant) I want to be an RN too but eeehh we will see once I’m done. I havr always wanted to go to cosmetology but their schedule never works with mine.

Yesterday since I was doing absolutely nothing I thought to myself “hhmmm I should really go look at falls semester schedule and see what classes they are offering.” so I did just that.  They were offering classes I could take so I just went ahead and emailed my advisor. The thing about my advisor is that she takes her sweet time to answer. I sent the email 3 times and the last one did the trick. I still have time to register. Registration doesn’t start till 8-06 so that gives me time to save up for books and to pay my classes I pay for them out of pocket.

I’m super excited about this im only taking two for now since I will be taking care of both of my kids. This classes are online so I won’t be leaving them. I eventually will have to leave them because I can’t take all my classes online. I wish we coul but we can’t.

So now my time will be divided between being a mom, house work, making time for my hunny, & college!!

I will write how it all works out when i start my classes.


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