Back to work with two kids & one car

On top of the one car add breastfeeding to it….

So I came back to work two weeks ago this coming up week will be 3 weeks since I came back. This is how my day starts just so yall get a visual.

5:30 am my boyfriends alarm goes off he gets up and starts getting ready I follow him. I get kasons diaper bag ready get his bags of milk ready. Then I get my clothes ready and stuff them in kasons bag lol. I eat a cookie or two with milk then get Kason and put him in his carseat. If Noah is not at his grandmas that day this is when I get him up.

6:15 we are out of the house

6:40 we finally make it to his job after stoping at either mcdonalds or jack to gret breakfast for him. Sometimes I get something but I usually get oatmeal it has become my bestfriend.

7:00 I am back on the road with the kids.

7:20 I make it to my moms house get the kids out. Noah goes back to sleep without a problem now Kason is the one that gives me a hard time.

7:45 maybe kason is asleep lol and I’m asleep aswell if Kason decides that its not time I usually just watch tv (half asleep)

8:30 I either get up or I’m already up and get ready for work.

9:00 I made it to work

3:00 pm I’m out and I go and pick my boyfriend up and we go get the kids and continue our day.

Our mornings are so crazy but we have managed. So back to this working business so far Ive had no problems I’m still able to pump so my milk supply won’t go down. This usuall helps or should I say benefits me and kason because I have milk for his morning feedings the next day. I will go into details about breastfeeding in another post. I decided to come back to work because I didn’t want to leave my boyfriend with all the bills. On top of that me and noah are going back to school and his birthdayn is coming up now th big one we are gettimg another car. As y’all can see my day starts at 5:30 when it should start at 8 not just my day but the kids day aswell. 

Working is easy all I have to do is be talkative and polite and so far I’ve been doing good I do miss my kids butnim doing this for them aswell. I work at a check cashing place so my work is not difficult that’s why I had no problem adjusting and I pump every two hours and I’m able to do it.Sometimes I am a couple of minutes late but I try to always try to do it on time. 


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