Babies get that too??!?!?!

So recently Kason got this rash at first i noticed it on his head and then it went to his face and neck. Its super hot in Texas right now so i thought it was a heat rash. I called his doctor and he said the same but when i looked up heat rash i didn’t read or see anything about it being on the babies head. Well today he woke up with a really bad break out on his cheek his little precious cheek! The one that i am always kissing and pinching (not hard)  anyways i got worried Noah had an appointment today so i figured i would ask his doctor. It totally slip my mind because Noah was so worried about getting shots lol. So i called after i ran some errands hoping i could get one before i went to work. Thank God there was one available.

Well come to find out that it was not a heat rash, its CRADLE CAP.  Cradle Cap is basically baby dandruff and it can be on their head, neck, ears, and face. She said just to put oil on his head and comb it out and that once the dandruff is off his head it should clear every where else.

Now i never knew babies got dandruff, Noah never got that so when she told me what it was and that it is very common i was shocked.

So now i have to bathe him maybe 3 times a week because if i bathe him every day his head will produce more oil which can cause more dandruff. I can also put baby oil on it and comb it out. I hope this works because my little Jo’s face is all red and i dont like to see him like that.


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