ImageSoo……where do i start????

This past couple of days i had my ups and downs, some here literally not in my control.

First off my coworker quit so now im left to cover her shifts and mine as well! I am both happy and mad about this. Happy that i will be getting a little bit more money this weekend and i can actually pay for my books and save the rest for Noahs party. Mad because she literally came in Monday and said she was quitting my boss convinced her to stay but the next day she text me and said she was NOT showing  up. I’m also mad because now i have to be here instead of being with my kids.

On another note…

I finally enrolled in classes all i have to do is pay and get my book and i’ll be set. I should also be getting my car tomorrow or saturday!! I am so excited!

Noah will start kindergarten this Monday! He will be turning 5 on the 28!!!

Kason will be 2 months on the 29!!

Hopefully we find somebody to cover her shifts so i can go back to my regular schedule because that one works better than the one i have now.

I see this as a blessing in disguise so i try not to complain.


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