Good news i got my car already so now i am able to move around as i wish. Its a freaking gas saver by the way and i need all the money i can save.

Noah started kindergarten on the 26 of last month. He loves it and they recently put him in all english class since thats what he speaks more. I still have trouble getting him up early in the morning. He will use to oh so famous lines “I’m sick”, “my tummy hurts” or “whhhyyyyy”. So far so good and i hope it stays that way.

Noahs first day of school

He also turned the BIG 5!

We took him to chuck-e-cheeses, it was nothing big just my mom, my bf, kason and one of his little friends

I will do a baby update on Kason:)

I have both bad and good news on my college classes. I skipped this class which started today but i will NOT skip this coming up one. I skipped this class coming up because of personal reasons, but i am determine to take it next semester.


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