August 28, 2008

The day everything became real…

I was sitting on the couch watching tv, ie was still in my pjs thats what i wore most of my pregnancy lol just comfy clothes. I was eating and i got up to get some water when i felt something come out. I froze i didnt know what it was so i walked slowly mind you i was just 16 ad i was about to be a first time mom so i didnt know what to expect. I made it to the restroom and sat down and more fluid came out but it was not urine it was clear. I got up and more came out at this point i was freaking out so i called the nurse line and the lady on the other end told me to go to the hospital. The thing was that my mom was working and my sons dad was in school. I called my mom and she said she would be there as soon as possible she told me to change and to get my stuff ready.

It was around 3 or 4 when she made it home and she started cooking lol typical mom i told her what happened and she said to eat something before we left. My sons dad knew what was going on at this point and knew we were on our way to his house so he could drive just in case i couldnt make it. We finally made it to his house and to our surprise he was not there, he had left to the store. WOW! We waited and waited till he finally made it back as soon as he walked in the door i gave him the keys and told him to hurry up!

I was not in any kind of pain i was just scared because i didnt know what was going on.

When we made it to the hospital they checked me and said “The babies amniotic fluid is low” as soon as i heard low the worst came to my head. They told me we would have a baby either  tonight or tomorrow morning but that he will be fine. They took me to my room and they started my IV then they gave me a pill to jump start labor (i dont remember the name i just remember it being blue i think). They said i was having contractions but i couldnt feel them. My nurse told me to sleep before i actually felt them, so i did (she was so nice by the way all my nurses were except one) By the time i woke up i was feeling them and man were they bad!! I was holding my breath which made it worse at this point i couldn’t take it anymore i was in tears and i wanted the epidural ASAP!

I was four centimeters when i got the epidural i felt awesome after that lol. But i didn’t progress from there i was not dilating quick enough they said if i didn’t start dilating that they would have to do a c section. Morning came by and i made progress around 10 a.m on the 28th i started pushing they gave me two hours to push and i couldn’t push him out. I was so upset with myself i felt like a failure. A really rude nurse came in and said they were doing a c-section and that she had to prep me for it i asked it i could die from this and she answered “its a surgery anything can happen” i started sobbing like crazy. What kind of person says that to somebody that when they need to be reassured that everything will be okay she made it much worse in my case.  Thank God there was a male nurse there who told me not to listen to her and that i would be okay. He held my hand and told me that he would be by my side and let me know everything that was going on. And he did.

I was trying so hard not to fall asleep but i was so tired and i think i did fall asleep. I woke up and heard the doctor say “you’re going to feel some pressure”…”i got his elbow”….”suction”

Then i heard Noah cry

All the nurses squealed and said “aaawww” i couldnt see him or the nurses since i had this blue cover in front of me but i imagined him and imagined  the nurses holding him. Then i heard his cry get closer and closer. They put him right next to me and i just said “hey baby” and he stopped crying and i was amazed and asked if he knew who i was and the nurse said “of course he knows his mom from a mile away” They took him out so his dad could see him. I stayed in that room for about a while and then i was transferred to a recovery room. I didnt see Noah until i was in my actual room. My mom came in and said how i was feeling and i told her i was fine that it was quick and she said “quick?! you were in there for hours!” Lol i guess i was really drugged up at that point because it felt like i was in there for 20 mins.

On August 28, 2008

Noah Matthew was born

8 pounds 7.8 oz.

Noah just a few days old

Noah just a few days old


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