Old Navy Trip

Its been a very and i mean VERY long time since i have been able to shop for my kids. I have been waiting for this for the longest and i feel both accomplished and i kind of regret it lol. Why? you may ask well lets just say i got paid yesterday and now ask me to borrow $20 dollars. Did you ask already? Okay well “I dont have anything but my insurance payment so im sorry i cant let you borrow $20, maybe in two weeks i will.”

So i am broke as a joke!

But i just had to buy and buy..and because of one of my purchases i have become obsessed with OWLS!

Therefor i will be doing some JO-ANN shopping for some DIY projects! (So maybe ask me for those $20 in about 3 weeks lol)

Look at those owls aren't they cute. Kason's clothes:)

Look at those owls aren’t they cute. Kason’s clothes:)

Noah's clothes and i just love that "Teachers pet shirt"

Noah’s clothes and i just love that “Teachers pet shirt”

I got the hubby some stuff too but his aren’t as cute as kids clothes

There goes all my money. The things we do as mothers.


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