This Mommy’s Breastfeeding Experience/Some Tips

All smiles:)

All smiles:)

Let me start out by saying that i did breastfeed Noah, but i was also giving him formula. I was 16 so i was not aware of the benefits it has. I went back to school and i pumped but i literally waited till my girls were rock hard. I only pumped once a day. My breast eventually stopped producing milk. So i was only able to breastfeed him for about 2 1/2 months.


Now with Kason i have been exclusively breastfeeding for almost 3 months! No FORMULA! So far so good i have had a few scares with my milk production (i will explain in a little) but other than that i LOVE it! It’s such an amazing experience and i get to bond with Kason ❤ and i love bonding with my little pookie boo:) (i really should make a post about the nicknames i have for my boys lol) I love taking credit for how chunky he is getting. I take full responsibility for that lol he is chunky good. When i pump i pump about 7 oz from both breast. Who really helped throughout this was my breastfeeding counselor, she is also breastfeeding her baby and she has giving me amazing tips. It is so convenient for me and i feel like super mom lol, but no i really do. Breastfeeding also helped me loose the baby fat and for that i thank my pookie:)


It hurts at first to me the pain almost made me stop. I almost gave up, during the first week my nipples were so cracked and sore i dreaded feeding time. I used Medela Tender Care Lanolin Nipple Cream and it helped so much. Its safe for babies by the way. I also struggled with latching at the beginning i think i was so tense that it made Kason tense as well. The boppy pillow helped with this also talking to my counselor too she gave me tips on how to position him. Also my milk supply did worry me at first, but staying hydrated is the way to go also i eat trough out the day(not full meals but ill have snack throughout the day) When i started pumping i was pumping blood with the milk which kind of freaked me out and that really made me second guess myself on this whole breastfeeding stuff. I found out that the blood was coming from my cracked nipples.


– Stay hydrated

– Eat throughout the day

– Oatmeal and food high on protein helps a lot with your milk production

– When you are breastfeeding make sure you and baby are both comfy. I always feed him in a quiet area.

– Dont get discourage its always tough in the beginning but i promise it gets easier and next thing you know you will be a PRO

– Don’t let other peoples opinion effect you (my mom tried convincing me to supplement with formula again and i refused)

– If you pump dont get sad if you pump 1 or 2 oz IT’S OKAY

-Your baby is the best breast pump ANYWAYS

– And lastly If you are unable to breastfeed or you supplement with formula dont feel bad and dont let people make you feel bad. Aslong as your baby is healthy and growing thats all that matters. I used formula with Noah and he is great. There is no right or wrong when it comes up to feeding your baby:)


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