Baby Spiders!

Today me and the kids woke to a bunch of spider webs near our apartment. Noah couldnt get one little web off of him so he started freaking out lol. I probably shouldnt of laughed but i told him to stop messing with webs because the spiders needed them. Anyways i didnt pay much attention to them until i saw this huge spider web by my moms house. In my head im thinking “That mustย  be a huge spider” I personally dont like spiders and it doesnt make it any better that i had dreamed about baby spiders and a big spider biting me like two nights ago.

Everybody is talking about them right now come to find out they are everywhere. Guess what they are???


Just like Charlotte’s Web, by the way that movie made me cry like a baby.

I hope the one by apartment is still there by the time i get home so i can take a picture.Image

But this is one this lady shared on FB!


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