Am I going bald!?!?!

So I knew this was coming. Since it didn’t happen earlier I thought that i was good to go! But it was all a lie!!! A lie I tell you! 


I’m losing my hair!!!! I’ve been loosing it since Kason turned three months. I dislike it so much. Every time I brush or take a shower there’s hair everywhere! 

My mom and other people told me its normal and I know it is but if you guys were to see how mu

ch of it I have in my hand by the end of my shower or routine brushing session yall would probably be like holly molly.



I’ve been taking vitamins and my iron to see if that helps but I don’t think it will. 



Hopefully it does something because I constantly have to to be cleaning to get the hair out so it wont bug Kason or Noah.



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