On the bright side….

Well as yall know i am out of school amd i said i was going to start writting (more like typing) but guess what my computer crashed… yeah so i am using Noahs Nabi that i gave him for Christmas. Anyways to my surprise my mom got me a new laptop!!!!! And you may be asking yourself “why are you using Noahs Nabi?” weeelllll if you must know i still havent installed an antivirus on my laptop and i dont want to ruin it. I will be uploading pictures of our Christmas day! It was awesome. The kids got so many gifts, Kason was just interested in the wrapping paper and bows. I just recently made a trip to Ross (today actually) and bought some stuff for my restroom. As i said before i was going to start decorating my apartment because when we moved in we didvnt have much and we were just focused on getting things ready for Kasons arrival. I finally have the chance to decorate my house!!! I will start out with the bathroom then move myself to the living room and the kitchen and dinning room. Then Noahs room and finally my room. I will also be updating on mn my breastfeeding experience can you believe its almost half a year?!?! I cant. 

Anyways ill be typing soon hope you all had an amazing Christmas!







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