To yellow or not to yellow???

I like to plan ahead of time well now I do. I don’t like being rushed! When I do rush I feel like I could’ve gotten a better outcome when I am done doing whatever I was doing. That is why I already looking up birthday themes and cookie cutters and all that fund stuff. Anyways that is not the reason for this post. The ULTIMATE reason for this post is to yellow or not to yellow?

Now you’re probably asking yourself “what is she talking about?” “what does she want to yellow or not yellow?” I know I would be asking my self the same thing. Wait for it………..

We are taking family pictures on April 4, 2014 at 9 am!
My biggest dilemma with this photoshoot is the color scheme. Wait there is more we are not just the only ones taking pictures Tee’s dad and wife along with their kids are taking pictures with us. So in total we will be 9 in the picture. I have already talked to Shani (tees stepmom she’s awesome by the way) about what colors we should wear. We both were thinking the same YELLOW and white (cant do a white colors because then you wont be able to see it lol) I have dressed Kason in yellow before and let me tell you he looks handsome! Not just saying that because he is my son he honestly looks handsome in colors that I really don’t wear. His skin color compliments the color. Tee has also worn yellow before and he looks great. Me and Noah however have never worn yellow. Why? you ask well I simply don’t like yellow,brown,green,orange, or any light colors like the ones I just listed. But I have challenged my self to try new things this year. So I am on the hunt for a yellow and white dress or an all white cute dress! I cannot and repeat cannot get an all yellow dress I don’t know what shoes to wear with and all yellow dress. So my planning begins I am already looking online because spring is upon us an I know there will be plenty of white and yellow all around the mall and smalls stores around me!! I already have the kids and Tees outfit down white jeans or shorts and yellow shirts. Im telling you finding outfits for them is the easy part finding one for me is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.


College here I come!

I was going to go back to college while I was pregnant with Kason but I didn’t. My reason is the followinf I just wasn’t up for it. I was so tired and sick all the time I didnt want to be around total strangers.

Oh by the way I am going to college to become an MA (medical assistant) I want to be an RN too but eeehh we will see once I’m done. I havr always wanted to go to cosmetology but their schedule never works with mine.

Yesterday since I was doing absolutely nothing I thought to myself “hhmmm I should really go look at falls semester schedule and see what classes they are offering.” so I did just that. Β They were offering classes I could take so I just went ahead and emailed my advisor. The thing about my advisor is that she takes her sweet time to answer. I sent the email 3 times and the last one did the trick. I still have time to register. Registration doesn’t start till 8-06 so that gives me time to save up for books and to pay my classes I pay for them out of pocket.

I’m super excited about this im only taking two for now since I will be taking care of both of my kids. This classes are online so I won’t be leaving them. I eventually will have to leave them because I can’t take all my classes online. I wish we coul but we can’t.

So now my time will be divided between being a mom, house work, making time for my hunny, & college!!

I will write how it all works out when i start my classes.