Hello there!!

So ive been gone for a couple of months and so much has happened. I am currently waiting for my computer to sync with my phone because there is so many pictures to share!(its done!) I am briefly going to summarize what has been going on.

Okay so Mr. Kason will be 1 this 29th. I can hardly believe that my little baby will be the BIG 1. He took his birthday pictures last month. You may be asking why? well the girl who takes all my pictures was already booked for the whole month of June. So I just went ahead an took them a month earlier! I will be posting some of his pictures once I get them.

Noah will be 6 in August. He gets out of school this Friday! He will also have like a little mini graduation this Thursday. He will be going to 1st grade! He is doing awesome. Him and Kason will be taking pictures together some time in August.

As you can tell I have 2 birthday, well actually 3 because Tee turns 22 on the 9th of this month! Not only that Fathers Day is coming up! So that means I can get CREATIVE. For Kasons pictures I made some of the props! We didn’t use 2 of them but I will be displaying them at his party! With that being said be prepared for som DIY posts! I enjoy watching DIY videos and reading about them as well so its only appropriate that I do some myself!

As far as me and Tee go we are good we hit some bumps not too long ago. But what couple doesn’t. Our relationship has always been a unique one (well I like to think so) I feel that we go trough the bad all at once to get to the good (eventually) We are a working process.

As far as my school goes I am still in school. I just finished 3 classes about a month ago. Can we say stressful! Um yes you can! I will be enrolling AGAIN this July. If all goes good I should graduate this October!! And that is my goal for this year I want to finish school and do what I love!

I have also started working out! I love it!!!!!! It takes so much stress off of me. I can just sweat it off basically. Im not going to the gym to loose weight I am just working on toning my body. My tummy area to be exact.

Anyways I will be posting some pictures of the props I made for Kasons pictures after I publish this post.

Bye.. well see you in a bit



IM 100% BACK!!!

I have finished my classes and my next semester does not start till next march i believe!!! I passed both of my classes thank God!

I am glad i finished because now i can actually dedicate time to my blog.

I have some things i need to share after being in my apartment for almost a year i am finally getting around to decorating and i want to share that with you guys. I am starting by room. My first project is my kitchen/dinning room, 2nd. living room, 3rd. Rest room, 4th. Noahs room, and lastly our room.

I am not sure what i am doing with Noahs room but i will be letting him pick out a theme. Since we share rooms with Kason i plan on making him his own little space and decorating that our room is pretty big so i have a lot to work with.


Life has happened!

I havent been able to write lately, ugh… Well i just been really busy with schooll, work and the kids.

Noah has been on this thing i like to call “Grandma Syndrome” he cries, kicks, and yells for her. Its so crazy i really dont know what to do. I know he loves her and that he basically grew up with her since we lived with her since he was a newborn. I know i cannot tell him he cant see his grandma but sometimes it hurts my feelings. I seriously dont know what to do.

Kason is great he has no “grandma syndrome” and i hope he does not ever get it. I have so many videos to share!!!!!!

School is so hectic i am doing two online classes that end around the same time so you can only imagone how hard im trying to keep up with both of them. I love my classes especially my human behavior one. It really explains why we behave the way we do.

I havent been able to get ready early in the morning so my signature look is the messy bun!

Story of my life!

Cloth diapers, school, and rashes

I got my cloth diapers already! I finally washed them yesterday and i will be using them today i know for a fact that they won’t last me till tomorrow lol but its okay. Remember i only got 5 so far. I will take pictures of him wearing them and post them later so wish us luck!

School is going awesome. I must admit i was putting things off and i had to remind my self that the classes were paid with my OWN money so if i don’t  do what i am suppose to do thats money going down the drain. I am taking “Understanding Human Behavior” and i like it. It gives you advice or more like tips on how to deal with certain patients that i will encounter once i become an MA.

Rashes oh Lordy Lord Kason gets one rash after another. He recently has this “rash” on his face its just red sometimes it goes away and but once he starts messing with it, it comes back. His skin is so dry i use avenno but i think that makes it worse. Any suggestions mommys out there? He also has this rash on his neck his grandma told me to put powder she said its most likely because he sweats and since he has rolls for days lol it might irritate him. If they don’t get better by next week i will be taking him to his pediatrician.

I would post some adorable pictures but I’m working hard hhhmmmmmmhh… Okay I’m not working that hard lol but my phone is dying so I’ll do it on my next post. 

Oh i will also be doing Friday Favorites (mommy edition) at the end of each month. I am trying out some new stuff and i will be sharing my opinions:) Some may or may not be mommy or kid related but most of them will.