Party Planning in February!

So I recently started to look into birthday themes for Kason’s first birthday. Its months away by the way……with that being said my Tee thinks im starting way to early. I on the other hand think im being super smart about it because Kason turns  1 on June and Noah turns 6 on August. So basically I will only have a month to plan Noahs. Well I have come to a conclusion why not plan ahead of time so everything just wont be done last minute. Now I am not getting anything yet. I just want to have a theme picked out and have an idea of the decorations that I am going to do and all that. Noah will be 6 so I will let him pick out the theme for his. I already have an idea of what he wants maybe ninja turtles and if he does pick that then I have the cutest idea for the balloons and goodie bags!!!Now if he chooses like say spiderman I may struggle. Kason is too little to pick out his theme so me being the awesome mom that I am I will be choosing for him. At first I was set on Mickey Mouse because I just know I can do so much with that theme. Then I thought about it everybody does Mickey Mouse and any other cartoon character. I want to do something different and cute. I went online and found so many ideas! So this is my list for Kasons themes well at least my top choices

  1. Balloons (like the movie Up) but instead of having the characters I can just make a bunch of balloons decorations
  2. Little Man (ties/bowties and mustaches!) Now this is my ultimate favorite!
  3. Owls (I have an obsession with owls) but I think this will be a bit tricky
  4. Prince Kason (basically a bunch of crowns)
  5. Blue (exactly what it sounds like just all blue decorations)

So this are my top 5 there is one problem well not such a problem but a big deal kind of Kason was born on my dads birthday and Tees birthday (I know this is like  so weird to me but it has convinced me that me and Tee are totally made for each other lol) so I will have to kind of convince my dad to make his birthday party if he is having one some other day. Kasons party falls on a Sunday and Noah’s on a Thursday which means I will be making his on Saturday.

I am so excited to plan the kids birthday party!!!!!!!!

what do you guys think? suggestions are welcome…


Kason’s 5 Month Update?

I put that question mark because nothing new really happened he was sick for a while. He had a very bad stomach virus so he was not himself. During that time all he wanted was to be held. He was not himself :/ it sucked to see him that way. Around that time Noah was sick and so was Tee. I ended up sick as well but just with a 24 hr. bug. So it’s not really an update I have been keeping a a list of the things he has done so far and I’m excited to share those with you guys:)

First suits


Kason’s 3 Month Old Pictures

I have made it my mission to take a picture of Kason every “month birthday”

I am not done for today because i actually want to write on a board and put Kason next to it lol

I will doing his update a day or two before he turns 4 months so far he has done two new things and i cant wait to see what else he does. One of them is in the pictures below

But i thought i would share what i got so far…


The closest i got to a smile

The closest i got to a smile




Not a happy camper

Not a happy camper

He had just rolled to his back this is the second time he does this! my big boy!

He had just rolled to his back this is the second time he does this! my big boy!




Little ol’ me

Hi there I just wanted to start this blog out right. I am fairly new to this whole blogging stuff. I have always wanted to do this but didn’t know if people would be interested, but i guess we will find out huh? I just want to be able to write about everything and anything wether it be about me, my relationship, daily life, my kids, or things that are going on around me.

My name is Miriam

I am 21 years old

I have two beautiful boys Noah (4 years old) & Kason (1month)

I am in a relationship

I was a teenage mom (16 years old)

I work and will be attending college this fall semester