Hello there!!

So ive been gone for a couple of months and so much has happened. I am currently waiting for my computer to sync with my phone because there is so many pictures to share!(its done!) I am briefly going to summarize what has been going on.

Okay so Mr. Kason will be 1 this 29th. I can hardly believe that my little baby will be the BIG 1. He took his birthday pictures last month. You may be asking why? well the girl who takes all my pictures was already booked for the whole month of June. So I just went ahead an took them a month earlier! I will be posting some of his pictures once I get them.

Noah will be 6 in August. He gets out of school this Friday! He will also have like a little mini graduation this Thursday. He will be going to 1st grade! He is doing awesome. Him and Kason will be taking pictures together some time in August.

As you can tell I have 2 birthday, well actually 3 because Tee turns 22 on the 9th of this month! Not only that Fathers Day is coming up! So that means I can get CREATIVE. For Kasons pictures I made some of the props! We didn’t use 2 of them but I will be displaying them at his party! With that being said be prepared for som DIY posts! I enjoy watching DIY videos and reading about them as well so its only appropriate that I do some myself!

As far as me and Tee go we are good we hit some bumps not too long ago. But what couple doesn’t. Our relationship has always been a unique one (well I like to think so) I feel that we go trough the bad all at once to get to the good (eventually) We are a working process.

As far as my school goes I am still in school. I just finished 3 classes about a month ago. Can we say stressful! Um yes you can! I will be enrolling AGAIN this July. If all goes good I should graduate this October!! And that is my goal for this year I want to finish school and do what I love!

I have also started working out! I love it!!!!!! It takes so much stress off of me. I can just sweat it off basically. Im not going to the gym to loose weight I am just working on toning my body. My tummy area to be exact.

Anyways I will be posting some pictures of the props I made for Kasons pictures after I publish this post.

Bye.. well see you in a bit


Kason’s 3 Month Old Pictures

I have made it my mission to take a picture of Kason every “month birthday”

I am not done for today because i actually want to write on a board and put Kason next to it lol

I will doing his update a day or two before he turns 4 months so far he has done two new things and i cant wait to see what else he does. One of them is in the pictures below

But i thought i would share what i got so far…


The closest i got to a smile

The closest i got to a smile




Not a happy camper

Not a happy camper

He had just rolled to his back this is the second time he does this! my big boy!

He had just rolled to his back this is the second time he does this! my big boy!




Not a happy camper..

I just need to vent….

So about a week ago my boyfriends mom took care of Kason because my mom was not able to. Well she called me like an hour after dropping him off I was at work so I couldnt answer right away. I called her after the customers left. She then tells me did you see Kasons leg it has a scratch but then again it looks like a burn. When she said this I got scared just because I didn’t notice it myself. She then sent me a picture. It DID NOT look like a burn I then called her back and said it didn’t look like a burn, but she i guess she still felt like it was. So yesterday she called my boyfriend to tell him that he wanted to speak to both of us about Kason. He text me and told me that and i got worried so i asked about what? He then replies “my mom wants kason to go to my aunts day care because she is still worried about where Kason got that scratch from” Now i dont know if this were her exact words but all i saw was WANTS now i understand any grandparent would be worried but the way he text me made it seem like she was pointing the finger at my mom! Which i took very serious because you just cant go around assuming stuff.

Now my mom has taken care of Noah all of his life yes Noah has fallen but kids fall all the time. I trust my mom with my life and my kids she would never hurt my kids heck the only thing she would hurt is somebody who hurt them! So when my boyfriends mom said that it hurt my feelings. My mom does a lot for me and my family she doesnt have to but she chooses to. When i came back from the hospital she was there every day at my house. She would clean and cook and watch Noah for me since i was sore i couldnt go around chasing him so she kept him for a little while. She has been watching Noah since he was born because when i came back from the hospital after having him i got really bad dizzy spells so she basically took over.

I have nothing against day cares i just don’t like them for my kids if my mom is able to and wants to take care of Noah and Kason then i will let her! I would want somebody who i trust and know i can call and she will answer.

After he text me that i text her and said ” i don’t want Kason to go to day care i trust my mom” she never replied back but she did forward my message to my boyfriend and told him that  she will just sit back and pray like she has been doing.

Now am i wrong for feeling angry at her because she pointed the finger without her knowing anything. Now i can go around and point the finger too i can easily say “huh i didn’t see it you were the one that saw it therefor you couldve done it for all i know” but i didn’t the scratch is no fading and it looks pretty old the week before he went to his grandmas me and my mom had taken him to the doctor and a week before that as well. So the doctors could’ve accidentally scratched him or it could pretty much me a darn birthmark! But like i said i dont know because i myself dont go around searching for bruises or scratches after i pick him up from my moms house.

I felt like telling my mom what she said but  chose not to. I dont want my mom to feel like she is being watched or feels like i dont trust her.

I just feel that his mom was in  the wrong for pointing fingers like that because she wouldnt like it if i did that. Now i dont know where our relationship stands.


Little ol’ me

Hi there I just wanted to start this blog out right. I am fairly new to this whole blogging stuff. I have always wanted to do this but didn’t know if people would be interested, but i guess we will find out huh? I just want to be able to write about everything and anything wether it be about me, my relationship, daily life, my kids, or things that are going on around me.

My name is Miriam

I am 21 years old

I have two beautiful boys Noah (4 years old) & Kason (1month)

I am in a relationship

I was a teenage mom (16 years old)

I work and will be attending college this fall semester